Life-change Stories

Jesus is changing lives every day through people just like you on Group Mission Trips.

As a Red Shirt staff member, you hear God Sightings that are out of the wazoo! Some are silly and some can seriously touch your heart.

This is what happened to me here in Tioga County, NY. It was a Wednesday and during program we had our usual God Sightings where about 10 youth come down in the front to share their stories. A young man came down and shared a story that made us realize that we are actually making a difference in our community. 

I have the pleasure of sharing this story from our Week of Hope in Charleston, SC.

During the first day of service this week, one of our crews was serving at a senior living facility working with residents. During a stretch of the day, the volunteers were tasked with having one-on-one visits with the residents.

I am exhausted from a challenging Workcamp on the Northern Cheyenne reservation this past week. But there were many wonderful things that happened, and there were a lot of God Sightings. Like this one.

I was working the check-in table on Tuesday afternoon to hear from Devotion Leaders as they returned from the sites. At the end of the line was an adult who clearly wasn't part of our camp...a woman who, by her appearance, was obviously a person who lived on the reservation. She looked sad. She asked me, "What time is your service tonight? Can you guys pray for me?"

Native dancing

Three weeks ago I went on my first Group Mission Trip to Lame Deer, Montana. I went as a volunteer site coach. It was an incredibly challenging experience and I think I worked longer hours that week than I have ever worked in my life... and I wouldn't change a thing.

It was so great to get to know the residents, the cosponsor and the people of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. On Wednesday afternoon the tribal dancers showed us the traditional dancers and told us stories about the history of dancing among the Northern Cheyenne people. It was a truly incredible experience.

Employees laughing

Fall 2013 was a dry and lonely season for me. I was ready for a change. I didn't know what it would be or what it would look like, but I knew I needed it. I began to pray a simple prayer every day, "God, please take away what I don't need and bring me what I do need." The word "serve" replayed in my head. After a simple Google search of "mission trips," I stumbled upon Group Mission Trips.

Workers happy with paint on their faces

It was in a smelly, sweaty gymnasium during the heat of a Tennessee summer where my perspectives about my faith began to shift. I was 13 years old and had eagerly traveled in a minivan across the country with my youth group to spend a week serving at one of my first Group Workcamps.

Cooks at camp

Written by Sarah Brase, Group Mission Trips Content Marketing Specialist

Working in marketing for Group Mission Trips, I regularly read, hear, and share life-changing stories from youth and adults. I am consistently amazed how different each story is, how specific God reaches each individual, and how powerful these stories are in impacting others even after returning home. This past week, I had the opportunity to go on my first Workcamps mission trip to Norristown, PA as a volunteer and really see for myself what I have read and heard from others. 


I not only learned but experienced something new this week. Something so significant that changed my perspective on faith and missions. I learned that transformation happens when you step outside your own comforts and self-protections and show up for the unknowns. When you power down your cell phone and dirty your shoes in new soil. When you position yourself as a guest in someone else's home and choose to be present in another's reality. And when you show up with eyes wide open to all God is doing across the world.

Employee leading worship

Written by Trent Russell

Staffing Representative, Group Mission Trips


"Ask God to tell you or show you what's in your way." The MC at my first Workcamp wanted us to do something others had asked of me before: Talk to Jesus.


I believed in God my whole life, but I remember sitting in that sweaty gymnasium in Joplin, MO wondering if there was actually someone on the other end of my prayers. The MC said there was, and I really wanted to believe him.


Employees holding welcome sign

Written by Sara Curry, Group Staff


I went on my second Week of Hope trip this year and it did not fail to live up to my expectations.


These mission trips have so many layers to them that never cease to amaze me, like giant onions that continuously reveal more and more incredible experiences with each layer!


I experienced so much during my experience as a Red Shirt Volunteer. One minute I was laughing hysterically at midnight with the awesome Summer Staff, another I found myself in an intense game of 9-square.


Beautiful Desert mountains

Written by Michaela Brause, Group Mission Trips Project Manager


"Yá'át'ééh." "Hello" in Navajo.


Recently, I traveled to Southern Utah to meet with local Workcamps partners and community members in preparation for our Summer 2018 Montezuma Creek Challenge Workcamp.


Happy employee

Written by Hayley Bancroft, Project Manager, Group Mission Trips


I joined the Group Mission Trips team in June as a Project Manager and work alongside coworkers who are passionate about service, people, and Jesus. They challenge and support me, encourage laughter and hard work, and foster community every day.


Excited red shirt employee

Written by Katie Ayres, Project Manager, Group Mission Trips


I have been with the Group Mission Trips team since February 2017 and attended my first workcamp this past summer in Scranton, PA.


Beautiful Mountain view

Lindsey B. led a group in Grano De Oro, Costa Rica through Group International Mission Trips for a week in early January 2018. Here's a brief Q&A where she shares about her experience there.


What projects were you involved with in Grano De Oro, Costa Rica?



Q:Why an internship with Group Mission Trips?


A: I’ve been involved with Group Mission Trips since high school and fell in love with it from my first camp! Coming into my senior year, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew the kind of company I wanted to work for and Group Mission Trips seemed like the perfect fit. It’s a caring environment full of motivated people with a passion for Christ and a heart for service.


Q: How did your Summer Staff position impact your faith?