Site Coaching in Lame Deer, MT

Three weeks ago I went on my first Group Mission Trip to Lame Deer, Montana. I went as a volunteer site coach. It was an incredibly challenging experience and I think I worked longer hours that week than I have ever worked in my life... and I wouldn't change a thing.

It was so great to get to know the residents, the cosponsor and the people of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe. On Wednesday afternoon the tribal dancers showed us the traditional dancers and told us stories about the history of dancing among the Northern Cheyenne people. It was a truly incredible experience.

I was also blown away by the participants. What an amazing group! Their hearts were incredible, and it was so obvious that they came to bless their residents and the Northern Cheyenne people. It was so great to watch them get to know the locals, share meals with them and even pray with them.

At one point during the week, a woman who was not a resident came into the gym where program was and asked for prayer. She shared what was going on in her life and the MC prayed for her. Afterwards the MC asked if there was a youth group who she could sit with for the rest of the program. At that moment just about every single hand went up. The woman's face just lit up with joy. It was a wonderful picture of how Christ not only accepts us where we are but how his love and acceptance are full of joy. After program the kids lined up to hug the woman and encourage her. It was absolutely beautiful to witness.