Being Bold for God Saved a Life

I have the pleasure of sharing this story from our Week of Hope in Charleston, SC.

During the first day of service this week, one of our crews was serving at a senior living facility working with residents. During a stretch of the day, the volunteers were tasked with having one-on-one visits with the residents.

One of our participants approached a door and knocked, hearing no answer. She knocked again without a response. While it would have been easy for her to walk away and assume the resident was taking a nap, she felt that God was prompting her to be bold and open the door to visit.

When she opened the door, she saw the resident half-fallen out of his chair with a cord wrapped around his neck gasping for air. His face and arm had turned blue from lack of oxygen and he had been unable to press his emergency button. The participant was able to call for help and the man received proper care and has recovered.

Her boldness for God led her to the right place at the right time.