My Week at Wil-o-Way Grant

My cup is overflowing. A few short days ago, I was in a car full of complete strangers headed towards South Milwaukee to volunteer at a camp for kids our age with disabilities and/or special needs.

Although we knew nothing about each other at the start of the week, this crew pulled together as a unit to shower love over those kids who so desperately craved attention & human contact. We laughed, we played, we shared stories (Tim mostly), and most of all we experienced Jesus' extraordinary love for His Creation.

Friends, let me tell you a little something I learned about Jesus' love this week: it has no barriers. There is no difference between those who the world deems "worthy" to those who are wheelchair bound, those born with an extra chromosome, or those who society labels outcasts. Jesus loves each person for exactly the way they were created to be, despite hateful comments thrown their way, and will always use our unique gifts to shine light on His Kingdom.

The campers have touched my soul in a way that has changed me forever. When I imagine heaven, I believe it will look something like camp. The evidence of a greater love shows through the eyes of the campers. I am wordless. Goodbyes are heart breaking and many tears were shed, but the experience I've had here I will cherish forever. I am so thankful for the friendships I made with my crew, my mini family for the week.

My heart is on FIRE.