An Unforgettable Youth Mission Trip Experience

An Unforgettable Youth Mission Trip Experience

Youth mission trips are powerful experiences to…

  • Take teens out of their comfort zone
  • Strengthen faith and character
  • Earn community service hours
  • Build authentic relationships
  • Disconnect teens from the pressures and anxieties of day-to-day
  • Learn how to make a difference 

Group Mission Trips offers 5 different types of youth mission trips, all designed for youth to return home transformed and renewed, equipped to be better teammates, students, and leaders.

Trip Type




Home Repair

7 days

Jr. and Sr. High, Adult Volunteers

Home repair projects for disabled, veteran, and elderly residents

Community Service

6 days

Jr. and Sr. High, Adult Volunteers

Meaningful community service projects alongside strong local ministries and nonprofits

Spring Break Community Service

3, 4, or 5 days

Jr. and Sr. High, College Students, Adult Volunteers

Light home repairs and community service projects between March and May

Merge Conference

5 days

Jr. and Sr. High, Adult Volunteers

A unique blend of training for students and leaders, powerful worship, and service opportunities


7+ days

All ages

A combination of community service projects and cultural exploration alongside our ministry partners

Experience the difference and give your youth an unforgettable mission trip experience!

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