Layers of Life-Change

Written by Sara Curry, Group Staff

I went on my second Week of Hope trip this year and it did not fail to live up to my expectations.

These mission trips have so many layers to them that never cease to amaze me, like giant onions that continuously reveal more and more incredible experiences with each layer!

I experienced so much during my experience as a Red Shirt Volunteer. One minute I was laughing hysterically at midnight with the awesome Summer Staff, another I found myself in an intense game of 9-square.

I cheered loudly when a 100-year-old nursing home resident Wii bowled her first strike while the crowd of young and old went wild.

I saw a teenage boy hold a small, fatherless child on his chest until he fell asleep, and observed groups of teens unattached to technology attentively listening to the incredible stories of residents for hours.

I saw groups of kids circle up, old friends and new, to simply pray for each other.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been a part of just one of so many life-changing service experiences like this. I can't wait to find out what new layers I'll discover next year.