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Trip Length
6 days

Community Service Mission Trips

Week of Hope are community service mission trips for youth. Students come alongside seasoned local ministries and nonprofits to make a lasting difference through meaningful community service. They'll learn Christ-like empathy and compassion for others as they meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of disadvantaged children, youth, and adults.

As students serve in the name of Jesus, they’ll develop friendships with the people they serve, with other teams, with their own youth group, and, most importantly, with Jesus. 

Our community service mission trips are smaller-sized gatherings (less than 100 participants). Whether you're out serving, enjoying a family-style meal, or wrapping up the day at evening program, the intimate environment at each Week of Hope location allows you to build strong relationships that last beyond your week at camp.

Each service project is the result of a partnership we build with organizations, ministries, and individuals who live, work, and serve in each community. Projects might include providing meals to the homeless, tutoring struggling children from low-income families, helping to lead a day camp for kids, working with disabled children, or sharing stories with a lonely elderly person in an assisted-living facility. Our hope is that you walk away knowing more about what our partners do year-round, and your role in the big picture.

The fun doesn't stop after your day of service. The party continues with themed days, movie nights, lip-sync battles, bedtime stories, group games, and much more! 

During a community service mission trip, participants generally stay at a local church that is full of fun and energy throughout the week as they engage in indoor and outdoor games, share meals together, and participate in worship and teaching in morning and evening programs.

Play Time Spirit Week Supporting Communities Week of Hope with Seniors Prayer

How You'll Serve

Our goal is to meet the tangible needs in each community. Projects may include:

  • Assisting in a local food kitchen
  • Helping residents in assisted living
  • General yard work and light home repairs
  • Volunteering with local non-profits and community centers
  • Tutoring children in after-school programs
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6:45 AM
Rise and shine
7:00 AM
Hot breakfast
8:00 AM
Morning program and depart for projects
12:00 PM
On-site lunch and devotions
3:30 PM
Return to camp
5:30 PM
8:00 PM
Evening program and worship
9:00 PM
Youth group devotions
11:00 PM
Lights out

An Experience Like No Other

Every year, the Group Mission Trips team dedicates extensive time and energy to create a new Jesus-centered program experience through morning and evening programs, crew devotions, and youth group devotions (included in participant handbooks). Programs are designed so that you don't just look to a stage, but look to Jesus.

We've created a chapel setting at each Week of Hope location that allows for meaningful encounters with Jesus and fellowship with one another in an intimate environment. Our well-trained staff lead interactive, relevant, and Scripture-based teaching daily. 

4 Spiritual Touch-Points

  • Morning Programs
  • Crew Devotions
  • Evening Programs
  • Youth Group Devotions

In a world where many teens grapple with anxiety, worry, and stress, this year's theme, "Equipped," highlights how God provides us with the tools for a fulfilling Christian life. Drawing from 2 Corinthians 9:8, the focus is on embracing how God enables us to approach fully living out our faith with confidence. From spiritual readiness to engaging in God's mission, it's about more than going through the motions; it's living out faith in practical ways through love, kindness, and action.

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Who can participate?

Jr/Sr High trips: Must be at least 11 years old OR entering the 6th grade in the fall of the same year as your trip. 
Sr High trips: Must be at least 14 years old OR entering the 9th grade in the fall of the same year as your trip.

  • Due to liability, under-aged participants will be sent home at their own expense (NO babies or any children under the required age).
  • Only registered participants are permitted at the lodging facility and on the project sites.
  • No special skills are required.
  • 19 or 20 year olds are welcome to attend as participants! Remember that only those that are 21 or older will be considered “adults” at camp and count in your 1 adult to 5 youth required ratio. 
Will our group be working together?

We normally split groups up into work crews.  But, we are willing to work with your group on how you’d like to split into crews. Our work crews are made up of six people with usually one or two adults and four or five youth--typically each person from a different church. If you’d like to have your youth meet new friends and develop friendships outside of your youth group, then allow us to split up your group. If you have specific church safety rules that require your group to be together, we are more than happy to arrange that for your group as well. Our top priority is to partner with you to arrange the best experience for your youth group and help you meet your ministry goals.

Is there a required adult to youth ratio? Can extra adults go?

Yes, you must have 1 adult (21 years of age or older) for every 5 youth (20 years of age and under). If both boys and girls are registered in your group, you must have at least one male adult and one female adult registered for supervision at night. 

  • If you have extra adults over your 1-to-5 ratio, they can be part of your group or, if staff positions are open at your location, they have the option of serving on staff without paying the registration fee. Information about staff positions can be found on under Join Our Team.
Are background checks required?

Yes, Group Mission Trips requires that all participants 18 years of age or older be screened and background checked by their church prior to attending.

  • Background checks must be national and no older than two (2) years from the start of the mission trip. 
  • 18-20 year olds are not considered “adults” during camp, however because of our commitment to safety, we still ask them to go through your church’s screening process and have background checks run.
  • Group Mission Trips requires a digital pastor signature on our Screening and Verification Form for every 18+ participant in order for them to attend the mission trip.
  • You may use any organization to run your background checks, but if you are looking for a reliable one, we recommend Clear Investigative Advantage. Their basic background checks start at just $12. They can be reached at 888.242.2503.
What about transportation?
  • Groups must provide transportation to and from the mission trip as well as daily to and from the sites. (Mileage or fuel costs are not reimbursed for any transportation costs.)
  • Vehicles with a minimum capacity of six passengers are requested, with seat belts.
  • While adults will be driving their own vehicles, they typically will not be transporting a crew that includes their own youth members. Typically, the youth from your group will be traveling in other vehicles with their crews. 
  • Due to tight and narrow roads, there are some locations that are labeled “Not Bus Accessible”. If you are serving at one of these, you’ll need to plan on bringing smaller vehicles.
What's the schedule?


3–4 p.m. Check-in

4:30 p.m. Adult meeting

5:30 p.m. Dinner gathering

6:30 p.m. Kick-off program. Meet your crew and get project assignments

8:00 p.m. Evening program. Youth group devotions

11 p.m. Lights-out



6:30 a.m. Breakfast crew begins

6:45 a.m. Wake-up call

7–7:45 a.m  Breakfast and pack lunches

8:45–3 p.m. Serve at project sites. Lunch and crew devotions

3:30 p.m. Return to lodging facility. Camp store is open

5 p.m. Dinner crew begins

5:30 p.m. Dinner gathering

6:30 p.m. Hospitality tasks

6:30 p.m. Worship team practice

7:00 p.m. Evening program team practice

8:00 p.m.  Evening program. Youth group devotions

10:30 p.m. Bedtime stories (optional)

11 p.m. Lights-out



6:30 a.m.–3 p.m. Same as Monday

3:30 p.m. Check-in at lodging facility. Free time: dinner and devotions on your own

8:00 p.m. Lodging facility is back open

8:30 p.m. Movie night (optional)

10:30 p.m. Bedtime stories (optional)

11 p.m. Lights-out



6:30 a.m.–11 p.m. Same as Monday



6:30 a.m. Breakfast crew begins.

6:45 a.m. Wake-up call

7–7:45 a.m. Breakfast and pack lunches

8:45–3 p.m. Serve at project sites. Lunch and crew devotions

3:30 p.m.  Return to lodging facility. Camp store is open

5 p.m. Dinner crew begins

5:30 p.m.  Dinner gathering

6:30 p.m. Hospitality tasks

6:30 p.m. Worship team practice

7:00 p.m. Evening program team practice

8:00 p.m. Evening program. Youth group devotions

9:30 p.m. Lip-Sync battle

11 p.m. Lights-out



7–8 a.m. Breakfast

7–9 a.m. Room check-out. Groups depart

What will we be doing?

Be ready to tackle any project and expect to interact each day with local residents from the community. Crews typically serve at the same organization for the entire camp (or at the most 2 organizations), creating an environment where meaningful relationships develop. 

Projects could include working with children at a day camp, serving at a food bank or homeless shelter, leading a Vacation Bible School, improving the homes of people in need, assisting the elderly, tutoring struggling kids, working with disabled children, facilitating a sports camp, and/or serving churches and other human service organizations in different ways. If there are any minor repair projects, we may ask your group to bring a few small hand tools and paint brushes.

What do we need to bring?

Supplies: Groups are asked to bring 1 5-gallon water jug and 1 family-size cooler (preferably on wheels) for every 6 people in your group. All other supplies are typically provided, but small items may be requested.

Personal Items: The full Packing List is located online for every registered group on their customer account, under the Schedule, Menu, Packing tab. It’s pretty much what you’d expect. A twin-size air mattress and bedding for sleeping, work gloves, and modest swimsuits and clothing appropriate for a Christian mission trip.

Fun theme days: Bring fun stuff for our theme days during camp!

What about safety?

Safety is our top priority!

  • We require groups to bring 1 adult (21 or older) for every 5 participants that are under 21 years of age.
  • We require participants that are 18 and older be screened and background-checked by their church. Their pastor signs off that they meet Group Mission Trips' requirements and that they are approved to attend.
  • Every staff member has been screened, background-checked, and reference checked by Group Mission Trips.
  • For overall protection, we have separate shower times designated for participants that are 17 and younger from those that are 18 and older.
  • We review safety procedures at camp.
  • Participants are not required to do any work that they consider unsafe.
  • Although we do serve in needy areas, we require crews to stay together at all times. No one should ever be left alone and all participants are back at the lodging facility by their designated check in time.
  • Group Mission Trips' staff visit the crews every day so they are aware of where a crew is working and any issues in the area.
  • Every crew has the direct phone number to the GMT office and directions to the closest hospital. If an injury occurs on the project site, and is not serious, GMT staff will contact the youth leader and coordinate any transportation needed. If the injury is serious, the adult on site will call 911 and GMT staff will offer support and ensure needed medical forms are delivered to hospital.
  • Each crew will have a small first aid kit and a bigger one for every vehicle. 
Where do we stay?

A Week of Hope can hold up to 100 participants and we house them all typically at a local church. Group Mission Trips' staff transforms the facility into a home away from home–there will be a separate boy’s hall and girl’s hall, a space for meals, adequate bathrooms and showers, and a space for the programs.

Participants need to bring twin-size air mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags or other bedding to sleep on floors. Youth groups are assigned to sleeping rooms together, gender separate. Sleeping rooms may be shared with other youth groups, depending on the size of groups and the size of the room.

Registered groups can see more information about their lodging facility online on their customer account under the General Lodging tab. Trip Leaders are given the lodging facility’s address.

What is the menu? What if there are special dietary needs?

Meals will consist of hot breakfasts, picnic-style lunches, and hot dinners. All meals are prepared by participants on a rotating basis supervised by staff. Picnic-style lunches will be assembled in the mornings and brought to project sites. The first provided meal is dinner on Sunday and the last meal will be cold breakfast on Friday morning. IMPORTANT NOTE: Dinner is NOT provided on Tuesday, youth groups have free time this day and dinner is on their own.

For registered groups: If you have a participant that has to eat gluten-free--please let us know. We can have a few gluten free options at camp but need to have an accurate number to plan for. The sample menu is located in you customer account under the Schedule, Menu, and Packing tab. Share this with your participants so they can start planning. Participants with special diets or allergies are welcome to bring their own food items to fill in as needed during the week. Please know that we do have peanut butter on the menu. Group Mission Trips is unable to guarantee there will not be any cross-contamination during meal preparation by kitchen staff. There will be a staff member available at camp who will be able to answer any questions about food. Click here for a visual on accommodations for dietary restrictions.

What are the programs like?

Focused on Jesus. Our goal is to point people to Jesus. Programs focus on Bible passages and daily themes that challenge us to respond to Jesus in ways we will never forget.

Interactive. People learn better by doing. Participants will be involved in sharing, speaking, acting, reflecting...not just sitting and watching.

Relevant. Through creative multimedia, thought provoking sound and video, our programs are designed to reach everyone.

Fun. Relationship-building activities, games and having fun are part of every program. Expect to have a great time!

What about payment dates?

Our payment policy is designed to give you the most flexibility when reserving your mission trip experience with Group Mission Trips.

  • Register June-October 31st: No deposit is required to register until October 31st. Then, a $100 non-refundable deposit per person is due.*
  • Register November 1st-March 14th: Pay the $100 deposit* per person upon registration. 
  • Register March 15th-May 14th: Pay the $100 deposit* per person plus 50% of your group’s balance upon registration. 
  • Register after May 15th: Final balance is due upon registration.**


*Deposits are non-refundable. Registration fees are in U.S. dollars and can be paid by check, money order, or credit card.

**There are no refunds after May 15th.

Payments can be made:

  • Online
  • By Phone: 1-844-258-9616
  • By Mail:
    Group Mission Trips
    1001-A E Harmony Rd
    Fort Collins, CO 80525
What if I need to add or cancel a space?

Call us! If there’s space available in your camp, we’ll ask for necessary payment. If you have a cancellation, and you’ve exhausted all efforts to re-fill spaces, call us to make cancellations. We’ll adjust your balance accordingly. 1-844-258-9616. Deposits are non-refundable. There are no refunds after May 15th.

What if I need to cancel my entire group?

Cancellations have a huge effect on the people we serve--it is devastating news to them when we have to cancel. Based on the number of registered participants, we plan for lodging, food orders, work materials and staffing–just for starters. Also, depending on the time of year, sometimes it’s simply impossible for us to re-fill cancelled spaces.

We recognize that unexpected events happen that can pull participants away from their original commitment. Give us a call, we are happy to talk through ideas to recruit other participants and keep your group intact. If there is no other option but to cancel your group, call us by May 15th to let us know.  Deposits are non-refundable. There are no refunds after May 15th.

Is there a dress code?

We don't have a dress code but many of our project sites do. We ask that everyone wear modest clothing so that we can serve those projects. 

  • Please dress modestly. Please know that modesty is perceived differently by different people. Please be respectful of everyone at camp
  • Participants wear closed-toed shoes.
  • Participants wear either long basketball shorts, arm length shorts, or jeans.
  • Please do not wear tank tops; t-shirts are great.
  • Every participant should bring a modest swimsuit.
What are "hospitality tasks?"
  • Hospitality tasks are opportunities for participants to serve each other during the mission trip week.
  • Hospitality tasks include: cleaning the cafeteria, restrooms, shower areas, and other common areas. Trash will also need to be taken out. The lodging facility will NOT have the services of a custodian.
  • Participants will prepare and serve breakfast and dinner. A staff member will oversee the meal preparation, cooking, serving, and cleanup of all meals. Everyone participates!
  • Meal shifts are divided into teams that will help prepare, cook, serve, and clean. 
What's included in the registration fee?
  • Lodging during the camp.
  • All meals, except for Tuesday dinner.
  • Site selection and organization.
  • Supplies and project materials for each project site.
  • Bible-based thematic, fun, faith building programs.
  • Devotions to do before, during, and after camp.
  • 3 highly-trained staff plus 2 volunteer staff to handle all the details.
  • An online customer account full of resources to help prepare you and your group for camp.
  • Unlimited customer support from professional and courteous staff.
  • T-shirt and Mission Handbook for each participant. 
What if someone has to leave early or arrive late?

We ask that all participants arrive on time and stay for entire time. Every part of the program is valuable and helps guarantee a life-changing experience. We really try not to make too many exceptions to this because it does effect other participants, partners, and work projects--so please check the schedule and make travel arrangements accordingly. Contact us if a situation arises.

Do participants need to have insurance?
  • Personal health insurance is not required to attend, although highly recommended.
  • If you carry personal health insurance, bring the appropriate information. It is needed if treated at any health-care facility.
  • All health-care costs are the responsibility of the participants or his or her parent/guardian.
  • If you have participants without adequate medical insurance and/or you desire to purchase trip protection insurance, you can purchase low-cost domestic and international insurance from any insurance provider of your choice.
What if the camp I want to attend is full?

All trips are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early. However, if you register for a trip that’s full, we’ll give you a choice: Join the waiting list for your first choice, or register for your second-choice camp. Call us. We’re eager to help! 

Are there opportunities for participants to be more involved at camp?

Yes! There are many ways participants can be more involved in the camp:

  • There may be a couple skits during the programs for any participants that enjoy acting.
  • There will be a lip-sync battle during the week! If any participants, or your entire group, want to prepare a little something for this, the camp staff will just need to approve your song (at camp) beforehand.
  • Bring fun stuff to wear for the 3 themed dinners! Christmas Monday, Wacky Wednesday, and Tropical Thursday!
Do you have references I can talk to?

Absolutely! Don't just take our word for it. Give us a call at 1-844-258-9616 and we'd be happy to connect you with other youth leaders who have served with us!


What’s inside:

  • Full list of 2025 locations
  • Who is Group Mission Trips and what makes us unique
  • An exclusive reveal of the 2025 program theme
  • A comparison of our 3 trip types
  • Helpful information on payment policy, typical days, and more 
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