Grow in Faith as You Serve on a Christian Mission Trip

Christian Mission Trips

Our Christian mission experiences give youth, teens, and adults the time to connect with Jesus and each other through home repair and community service projects. As you step out of your normal routine and serve others, you’ll learn leadership skills and strengthen your spiritual foundation. You’ll be stretched beyond your comfort zone, encouraged to focus on the needs of others instead of your own, strengthen your faith, and grow in Christian character. 

The Group Mission Trips team dedicates extensive time and energy to create a new program experience that is woven throughout your mission trips experience, connecting your service to your Christian faith. Here’s how: 

  1. Morning Program – Jump-start the day with a morning program, an introduction to the daily theme, and thoughtful conversation before launching into service projects.
  2. Crew Devotions – During lunch, share meaningful conversation about Jesus’ connection to your service and the daily theme with those you are serving with. 
  3. Evening Program – Gather for a high-energy experience that celebrates the way God is uniquely working in the community. You’ll also explore the daily theme using video, drama, music, and impactful conversations, all centered on Jesus.
  4. Group Devotions – You’ll meet with your group to unpack the day, exchanging stories of how you saw God at work during the day. You’ll cap the day with conversation centered around Scripture, the daily theme, and prayer together. 

With your involvement, residents are helped, communities are strengthened, and lives are changed!

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