Community Impacted Beyond Workcamp Week

Group Mission Trips work has spread through the community of Norristown, PA, even after the Workcamp that took place here, empowering my church and me to continue to serve.

Over the past several months, I worked with the Code Enforcement office of Norristown and my church, Conshohocken United Methodist. This past weekend our church repaired three homes that had applied to receive repairs from Group Mission Trips but weren't fulfilled. About 20 volunteers from my church came together for a Day of Service and did all three houses in one day!

We would not have had this opportunity without Group. It was such a blessing to the homeowners and to us to be able to serve. It was clear the community took note of your work in Norristown as well. Many passers by asked us, "Are you the mission team? How can I get on the list?" What a powerful way to spark positivity in the neighborhood!