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International Mission Trips

Group Mission Trips offers international mission trips for all ages. Going on an international mission trip gives you a fresh perspective about the work God does in local communities throughout the world. With a deeper insight, you’ll return home transformed and more aware of the different cultures and misperceptions about where you're serving. Your group will be inspired to grow in your relationship with Jesus as you step out of your normal routine and into another culture.

Group Mission Trips partners with long-term ministries rooted in the countries we serve. Our partners are in relationship with the locals and have a firm grasp on what the true needs are in the community. When you arrive, you come alongside their ongoing efforts. These trusted, established partnerships ensure your group's service is truly sustainable and leaves a lasting impact. Our team - both local and abroad- carefully crafts the schedule and the entire experience so you can be fully present with your team.

Customize Your International Mission Trip

No matter the ages or size of your group, you will experience the transformation that happens when you combine exploration and service on your next international mission trip. Our international mission trip advisor can help you customize an international mission trip with any size youth group, family, or friends. We've customized international mission trips for individuals, families, school groups, sports teams, dance teams, companies, youth groups, and more. There's an opportunity for everyone to serve internationally!

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How You'll Serve

Types of work vary based on location, so here are a few examples of what you could be doing:

  • Minor home repairs for people in need
  • Construct shelters used for Bible school sessions and retreats
  • Help build a water filter factory
  • Invest afternoons helping with Vacation Bible School through local churches
  • English classes for interested locals
  • Community block parties for outreach
  • Construct homes 
Find a Trip
Travel to your destination city and transfer to your lodging for the first night.
Experience worship in a different culture and get to know the ministry partner.
Begin service projects
Continue service projects.
Free day to explore the local area
Continue service projects
Complete your project
Journey home
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Who can participate?

Our international trips are family-friendly, so, in most cases, kids can serve along with adults. We require 1 adult (18 years or older) for every 5 youth (17 years or younger). Contact Robin at 970-800-4000 for more location-specific age requirements. 

How do I book my international mission trip?

Contact our expert international mission trip advisor, Robin, at 970-800-4000.

Is airfare from North America included in the international mission trip price?

Prices do not include airfare from North America. However, in Peru, our price includes the airfare from Lima to Pucallpa and Cusco.

What is your policy on deposits, payments, and cancellations?

To reserve space on a trip, a non-refundable $100/person deposit is due when you register. 

Are all meals included in the cost?

Most meals are covered as part of your registration, except for free days if you're serving in Alaska or Puerto Rico. Please see the detailed itinerary of your international trip for any exceptions.

What types of meals are served?

Most meals will be provided by our ministry partners, who have been carefully trained to prepare safe and nutritious meals for our teams. You will get a taste of local food on all of our trips, and some locations will include American food as well.

How strenuous are the activities and service?

While some mission trips are more physically strenuous than others, most international trips will include at least four 8-hour service days in hot and humid environments. Your group can work at the level of physical exertion with which they’re comfortable.

Are tips included in the cost?

Your international mission trip covers gratuities for meals in restaurants that are included for the week. Gratuities for porters or housekeeping staff if you stay in a hotel during your trip are at your discretion. Airport porters who help with your bags will expect to be tipped $1-$2, and if you participate in a guided tour or fun activity on your free day, you may want to consider tipping your hired guide.

Are the trips safe?

The safety of your group is a top priority for us, as we’re sure it is for you. In all the areas we serve, we take extra precautions to make sure you or your group is as safe as possible. Guided by our local, experienced ministry staff partners, we avoid situations that are inherently dangerous. We’re also proactive by choosing lodging facilities and transportation that are safe and reliable. Our International Mission Trip Advisor is glad to answer further safety questions.

Can you put together a custom trip for my group?

Probably. If you’re looking for a trip specially designed for your group, we may be able to accommodate that for you. We have several trips a year that we custom design for groups, at a date and location that fits their needs. Pricing and availability vary, but if you’re interested in a custom week, contact Robin at, or call 1-970-800-4000 for more information.

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Request an International Catalog

Looking for a place to serve? Our international catalog includes more information about our partners and projects in each location.

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