Explore Short-term Mission Trips for Youth, Teens, and Adults

Short-term Mission Trips

Experience the life-change that happens on our short-term mission trips when you serve communities across the world!

Whether you serve on our short-term domestic trips through home repair or community service projects or serve in one of our 10+ international locations, with your involvement, residents are helped, communities are strengthened, and lives are changed.

We offer 3 different types of short-term mission trips. No matter the ages or size of your group, there is an opportunity for everyone to serve. 

Trip Type




Home Repair

7 days

Jr. and Sr. High, Adult Volunteers

Home repair projects for disabled, veteran, and elderly residents

Community Service

6 days

Jr. and Sr. High, Adult Volunteers

Meaningful community service projects alongside strong local ministries and nonprofits


7+ days

All ages

A combination of community service projects and cultural exploration alongside our ministry partners

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