Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery

Joe H. recently served in Puerto Rico. Here's what he had to say about his time helping hurricane victims:

"Our team worked with the mayor and the military to distribute cases of water and MRE kits (Meals Ready to Eat). We traveled with military personnel on ATVs into the mountains and took food and water to every house we could. The most powerful moment for me was when we found a family whose house had slid down the mountain and the family, a couple of single moms and their babies, were living in this makeshift shelter where the house had been.

We were able to give them food and water and tarps and we let them rest in our car with the A/C on throughout the day. One of the babies was sick so we got them medicine. It felt really good to know that we were able to get them help that they really needed. I've been home for a couple of weeks now and Puerto Rico is still so strong in my heart. I want to get back down there as soon as I can to serve again!"