Youth Worker

Do I really enjoy camp at my age?

A friend messaged me and asked me if I really enjoyed camp at my age. Here's my answer: Do I truly enjoy sleeping on an air mattress on the floor? No. Do I truly enjoy locker room showers and camp food? No.

But those things aren't why I bring kids to camp. I not only truly enjoy, but LOVE seeing students gain confidence in themselves from learning a new skill, solving a construction problem, and working with strangers. I LOVE seeing students learn to love Jesus just a little more each day as they dig into their Bibles and worship 3 times each day. I LOVE seeing adult leaders remember what it's like to worship with energy and enthusiasm that our students have. I LOVE building relationships with students and adult leaders that last for years after camp is over. I LOVE bringing the love of God in a tangible way to a community in need.

So, do I truly enjoy camp at my age? Yes. Yes I do.