Confidence Built Through Grit

I had a beautiful journey throughout the week, serving in Burtonsville, Maryland, at a senior home.  I have anxiety normally, but being in an environment of Christian love and mutual encouragement helped me to build my confidence and trust in my faith in a deeper way.  God put this verse especially on my heart:  “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”  I surrendered my anxious heart for a spirit of peace, knowing that God has a plan for my future and He will lead me through each step of the way.

In my struggle to build confidence in myself before I came to Burtonsville, I was aimlessly trying to lift myself up.  But through the mission trip, I focused on God and He lifted me up, as His disciple.  I have confidence in knowing that He loves me and calls me to serve, and I feel peace in the blessing of being able to do so.

This mission trip was also an opportunity for me to leave my daily distractions behind and become a more focused disciple.  With those new open eyes and heart for ministry, I was able to see the residents at the senior home, loving and respecting them through a new light of faith.  I was able to truly spend time listening to God and see all the "Crew Stories" around me.

Going into the week, I was afraid of going to the senior home because I have a shy personality and saying “hello” to people and having conversations is usually out of my comfort zone.  But God called me out of the boat.  I took a risk and made an effort to be outgoing and friendly with each person I met.  It became easier each day!  I even challenged myself to do Bible readings and be part of the worship singing as well, back at the camp.

I feel blessed to have gone on this mission trip and been able to re-focus my spiritual walk to one of greater trust in God and in myself as a disciple.  To me, grit means confidence, perseverance, and reliance.  This week was an opportunity for community-building, faith-growing, and service with all three qualities!