Traveling "The Road" to Life Change

The 2017 Group Mission Trips theme is "The Road." This year was my 4th Workcamp and the closest one we lived to. We traveled a whole 3 hours and 40 minutes down "The Road" from Greenbay, WI to the big town of Racine, WI. 

I've always struggled with my faith and my relationship with God. There have been times where I have traveled that road of doubt and disappointment like I'm sure many of us have. But this year was different. Wednesday night at Workcamp I texted my youth leader because it was late and I felt like I needed someone to talk to. I was so scared about why I wasn't seeing signs from God or why it never felt like he was there. And my youth leader, Jason, told me I was trying too hard. The littlest things could be a sign, but I was overlooking everything.

The next day at my site, that was all I could think about. And after the emotional program and group devotions Thursday night, I was on my way up to my room when Jason stopped me in the hall and asked, "Do you believe you are still struggling with your faith?" I was so scared because I felt so alone. And I was so desperate to actually witness a sign. I broke down crying and Jason talked to me. He helped me understand God's signs. He told me how God works through people, how he saw God in me. And that really touched me. Ever since, I am able to see God through people, whether it's people I meet or people I see every day. It's amazing how the littlest things could turn out to be a message from God. It all depends on how you see and interpret the message. 

What I'm trying to get at is that this Workcamp changed my life. Even though I physically didn't travel far on "The Road" to my Workcamp, my faith and relationship with God did. And I'm glad that I traveled the whole 3 hours and 40 minutes to experience life change.