Small Steps to BIG Changes

I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and this was my very first mission trip. I went to Nashville, Tennessee with my youth group. I was then put into crew four, which ended up being a crew of all girls who I've become very close with. 

Each day my crew went to a new site, each one being just as important as the last. We went to a camp for refugee children, a food bank, a women's clinic, a kind lady's home, and a Catholic church. It would have been enough that I was able to learn how to mow a lawn, or prime and paint a fence, but I ended up learning so much more. I learned that what may seem like a small task to me may mean something much more to someone else. I also learned that no matter what you look like or how old you are, we all face struggles. Not only have I gained new useful skills during my time serving, I gained friendships. 

I was able to sing on the worship team, and through that realized just how on fire some people are for the Lord. It was so inspiring to me to see so many different people with so many different backgrounds come together and sing the same words to praise the same God. 

Program and devotions with my youth group were my favorite time of the day because I got to grow so much closer with my youth group, with God, and with myself. I learned so much about myself that I had no idea about prior to this trip. I had recently been through some things that I was struggling with, but during this trip I was able to realize that my life is not in my own hands, and to trust our Lord. I've now come out of this feeling so much stronger and so much more confident. While I am a bit nervous to return to my everyday life, I am so excited to take on each and every day ahead of me with the confidence and knowledge that my life is in His hands, and therefore in good hands.