Small Act of Kindness makes a Big Difference

I'm Ben, and I went on the Pocahontas Workcamp trip this year.

My God-sighting occurred throughout the entire week, but grew bigger on the last day. Each day that week, after our lunch and devotions, we would give our leftover food to some kids across the street who were playing outside. We would walk over to them with our bag full of bread, meat, and some other toppings and condiments, and they would gladly take the bag. Then they ran inside and looked through the bag to see what they got. After that, we walked back to our work site and finished that day's work.  

This became more of a God-sighting on Friday. While a few of us were at the dump to drop off rotten wood, our resident was talking with the rest of my crew and her neighbors. According to my crew leader, the parents of the kids that we were giving the food to were drug addicts and were also planning on getting a divorce. Because of that, it was hard for the parents to provide for their family. When we were giving the food to those kids, we were just being nice and generous, but it turns out that we were helping them out more than we thought. Some days, the food we gave them might have been the only food they've gotten all day, for all we know.

That week, God showed us that the little acts of kindness that we do sometimes helps others more than we expect.