No Longer Stuck at a Crossroad

A few years ago, my dad passed away due to a heart attack. A month afterwards, my mom decided to fight for custody of me as I was living with my stepmom. Eventually, she gave up, but that event put a hole in the relationship between my mom and me. I began to down-spiral without even realizing it.

When I was asked to go on this mission trip in Covington, Tennessee, I was a little nervous because I didn't think that I belonged there because my faith was hanging on by a thread. However, I said yes because I had been on two other mission trips and I just enjoyed helping others.

On Thursday, we were told to come and sit by the cross and just talk to God about doubts and worries and your feelings towards him. Everyone around me was crying, and I felt a little awkward because I wasn't. All of a sudden I felt a weight come off of my shoulders when I heard a voice inside of my head say, "Everything is going to be okay." I immediately started crying because that entire week I was asking God to show me a sign that he was with me and that he was real, and that was it. I then heard my dad's voice, which is absolutely crazy because he passed away about three years ago. I felt like I was in an illusion and Jesus was sitting in front of me and my dad was sitting next to me with his arm around me and the three of us were just talking. It felt so nice.

Shortly after, I heard them say that it was time to go and that they loved me and that I will never walk alone. I thought that I was only there for 20-30 minutes tops, but I soon realized that I was one of the last people in the gym, and people from my youth group had been taking shifts checking up on me. It turns out that I was in the gym for three and a half hours...