God in every thing in every day

Before going to Peru this July, I did not know what I would experience. I had never been on a mission trip before so I was very nervous. I could not imagine the way I saw God move. Doing God sightings everyday helped me discover God moving every day. I started opening my eyes and searching for God instead of waiting for him to come to me. I even started my own God sightings journal that I write in every day.

It was also very encouraging that the people I was serving in this small village a little ways back from the banks of the Ucayali river knew about Jesus. I didn't have to introduce him to them because God had already penetrated this part of the world. I saw how God has moved and continues to move in very remote places.

Also, before the trip my dad and I were in a very rocky place in our relationship. I also was beginning to question where he was with God and if he even knew him much at all. As the trip went on I saw a huge change in my dad. I saw his heart for serving and he started to read his Bible and pray a lot more. He has continued to do so and I can't wait to see what God does in the future with him and our relationship.