Best Places to Find Youth Ministry Games

If you do some digging on the most popular Google searches related to youth ministry and youth groups, one that is consistently at the top is "youth ministry games." Almost every youth leader uses games in some form in their ministry, and looks for new ones to keep things fresh. Here are some places to go when looking for new games to play:

Online Libraries

There are a couple of great free collections of games you can browse by category and find the perfect one for your program. The first is from Stuff You Can Use. It requires a free account, but there are dozens of games you can use. Another great library is from The Source for Youth Ministry. This one has been around for years and has a filtered search for you to drill down if you have a specific need.


Go to YouTube and search "youth ministry games" and you’ll find many options. The best part is you can watch the games first to know if they will work for your youth ministry. There’s also a great YouTube channel that I’ve utilized many times called Youth Ministry Great Games.

Game Platforms

These are subscription services that have a bunch of built-in screen games you can customize for your gatherings. They are a super fun way to personalize a game to your group. There are a couple of these out there: Sidekick by DYM (formerly DYM games) and YM360’s Games for Youth Ministry.

Download Youth Ministry

They have the best online library of games available. The best part is they are created by youth pastors like you. Most are less than $5, and if you purchase a membership, you save on every purchase. They offer mostly up-front screen games so if that’s what you are looking for this is the best place to go: Download Youth Ministry Games Where are your favorite places to find new games?