We love serving with you

Adrienne Justus

  • Project Manager

Ben Reynolds

  • Advertising Manager

Bob Turley

  • Workcamps Developer

Brent Bromstrup

  • Program Manager

Bri MacRunnel

  • Mission Trip Advisor

Brian Diede

  • Mission Trip Advisor

Chelsea Kendall

  • Marketing

Isaac Bartholomew

  • Recruiting and Training Manager

Jason LaBue

  • Digital Experience Manager

Jeff Storm

  • Senior Art Director

Jeff Thompson

  • Executive Director

Jen Rehnberg

  • Registration Administrator

Joani Schultz

  • Life-changing Program Creative Guru

Jobe Lewis

  • International Missions Leader

Jon Vaughan

  • Youth Ministry Marketing Leader

Josh Dayton

  • Project Manager

Kathryn Sparks

  • Marketing Coordinator

Mike Krantz

  • Workcamps Developer

Misty Huss

  • Mission Trip Advisor

Nicole Brown

  • Staffing Representative

Pam Hilliard

  • Administrative Assistant

Regina Cooper

  • International Missions Coordinator

Rick Lawrence

  • Executive Editor of Program

Robin Alm

  • International Mission Trip Advisor

Stephanie Lewis

  • Customer Care & Logistics Manager

Thom Schultz

  • Friendly Captain and Founding Father

Tim Gilmour

  • President of Group Cares

Trent Russell

  • Marketing

Veronica Preston

  • Art Director

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