Workcamp Leaders—Setup Director, Director, and MC—carry out our mission by encouraging, empowering, and supporting the staff team while building strong connections with those in the community. 

We depend on our leaders to make camp run smoothly so participants can grow in their relationships with Jesus and communities can be strengthened. Each role is a week-long paid position and requires previous leadership experience and acceptance to our Leaders-in-Training program. There is a minimum age requirement of 25.

Staff Leadership

Positions Available

Director • Workcamp

At each Workcamp couldn’t run without these organized leaders! A director leads 15-20 staff members in mission trip operations. Always considering the best interests of the whole mission trip, the director oversees logistics, safety (physical, emotional, and spiritual), and welfare of all camp participants. The director is a model of friendliness, teamwork, mutual trust, and open communication. Full Job Description >

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Setup Director • Workcamp

The setup director arrives one week before the start of camp to make sure each Workcamp is ready for camp participants. Setup directors get to know the residents we're serving as they coordinate delivery of materials and verify work descriptions. Our setup directors work alongside our cosponsor team and local vendors to make sure that every detail for each work site is ready for Workcamp to begin.Full Job Description>

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MC • Workcamp

he MC (Master of Ceremonies) serves as a spiritual leader and Christ-like servant to staff and camp participants. The MC leads our morning and evening programs for up to 400 youth and leaders at Workcamp. They deliver high energy, Jesus-centered, and youth focused programs involving games, worship, and genuine opportunities for youth to encounter Jesus. The MC also seizes every opportunity to serve and encourage staff and participants at Workcamp. Full Job Description >

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Site Writer • Workcamp

NEW TO 2019! A huge piece of the Workcamp experience is the opportunity to serve others. We're building a brand new team of individuals who will play a valuable role in developing worksite descriptions and preparations! Are you interested? Contact Abby Hill at 970-517-9008 or ahill@groupmissiontrips.com.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements?
  • Minimum age 25
  • Full week commitment to serve at a Workcamp
  • Attendance at the GMT Leadership Summit in early June
  • All positions paid
  • 100% agreement with our mission: we help youth leaders by providing mission trip experiences where youth encounter Jesus
What is the application process?
  • Online application with reference and background checks
  • Phone screen with a Staffing Representative
  • Interview with a Group Missions Trip supervisor
  • If at any point your application is no longer being considered, we will communicate this with you
Do I pick where I serve?
  • You may identify a camp location and date preference on your application, but your experience or the needs of Group Mission Trips will often justify assigning you to a different Workcamp.
  • In general, this still applies if your youth group is attending a camp.
What is Leadership Summit and do I need to attend?

The Leadership Summit is a 3-day training event in early June in Loveland, CO for all Directors and MCs. You’ll examine the ins and outs of your position and meet your summer staff crew as well. It’s a great time for learning, community, and fun that will carry over to your Workcamp experience. All Directors and MCs are expected to attend the summit. (It is not a requirement for Setup Directors).