Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska

To many, Alaska stands as America’s final frontier—beautiful, rugged, and maybe even a little dangerous. But for those few who call Alaska home, hardship is constantly knocking at the door, especially for the elderly. The weather can be extreme at times. There's historical tension of different cultures living in close proximity, a surprising number of homeless people (especially teenagers), and high rates of alcoholism, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Living as an Alaskan citizen can be much different than being a tourist there.

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Date Age Availability Stay Informed Register
Jun 09 2018 to Jun 16 2018 All Ages Full 1-970-800-4000
Jun 16 2018 to Jun 23 2018 All Ages Open 1-970-800-4000
Jun 23 2018 to Jun 30 2018 All Ages Full 1-970-800-4000
Jul 21 2018 to Jul 28 2018 All Ages Open Keep Me Informed
Jul 28 2018 to Aug 04 2018 All Ages Open Keep Me Informed
Aug 11 2018 to Aug 18 2018 All Ages Full 1-970-800-4000

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How You'll Serve

Here are examples of the types of projects you might be involved with:

  • Perform upkeep at local Christian campgrounds
  • Help lead Vacation Bible School for local church
  • Fellowship with and play with young kids at local church
  • Work on various community outreach projects

Our Partners

Our projects have been coordinated by a local Christian camp, and involve many different types of service for upkeep of their campground. We will also be partnering with a local church to help run their Vacation Bible School and fellowship with their youth, among other community outreach projects.

Sample Itinerary

Saturday – Arrive at Fairbanks Airport; activities in Fairbanks; check-in at local Christian camp
Sunday – Attend a local partner church
Monday-Thursday– Service projects at local Christian camp; evening devotions and God Sightings
Friday – Free day
Saturday – Depart for FAI Airport; fly home

Need to Know

  • U.S. citizens do not need passports to travel to Alaska.
  • Be up to date on all standard vaccines, such as Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.
  • Fly into the Fairbanks Airport (FAI). Average flight cost is $700-$800.
  • Price does not include ground transportation; you are responsible for paying for rental vehicles and cost of gas. 
  • Dorm-style lodging with bunk beds and 15-20 people in gender-specific rooms.
  • Currency and electricity are the same as the rest of the U.S.
  • Bring additional money for souvenirs and free day activities.
Price: $799 per person
Deposit: $100 per person

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Call our expert International Mission Trip Advisor at 970-800-4000.

Prices do not include airfare from North America. However, in Peru, our price includes the airfare from Lima to Pucallpa.

To reserve space on a trip, a nonrefundable $100 deposit is due when you register. Final payment is due 60 days before departure. Please visit our website for complete details of our cancellation policy.

All U.S. citizens need a valid passport to enter a foreign country and return to the United States. It must be valid six months beyond your intended stay and have 1-2 blank pages remaining. A passport is not required for trips to Puerto Rico and Alaska. Visas are not required for most trips. For full information, please ask your mission trip planner at time of booking.

Our international trips are family-friendly, so, in most cases, kids can serve along with adults. Contact Robin at 970-800-4000 for more location-specific age requirements. 

Most meals are covered as part of your registration, except for free days if you're serving in Alaska or Puerto Rico. Please see the detailed itinerary of your international trip for any exceptions.

Most meals will be provided by our ministry partners, who have been carefully trained to prepare safe and nutritious meals for our teams. You will get a taste of local food on all of our trips, and some locations will include American food as well.

Your international mission trip covers gratuities for meals in restaurants that are included for the week. Gratuities for porters or housekeeping staff if you stay in a hotel during your trip are at your discretion. Airport porters who help with your bags will expect to be tipped $1-$2, and if you participate in a guided tour or fun activity on your free day, you may want to consider tipping your hired guide.

While some adventures are more physically strenuous than others, most international trips will include at least four 8-hour service days in hot and humid environments. Your group can work at the level of physical exertion with which they’re comfortable.

The safety of your group is a top priority for us, as we’re sure it is for you. In all the areas we serve, we take extra precautions to make sure you or your group is as safe as possible. Guided by our local, experienced ministry staff partners, we avoid situations that are inherently dangerous. We’re also proactive by choosing lodging facilities and transportation that are safe and reliable. Your mission trip advisor is glad to answer further safety questions.

Probably. If you’re looking for a trip specially designed for your group, we may be able to accommodate that for you. We have several trips a year that we custom design for groups, at a date and location that fits their needs. Pricing and availability vary, but if you’re interested in a custom week, contact Robin at ralm@groupmissiontrips.com, or call 1-844-258-9616 for more information.

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