2019 Theme: Relentless

Relentless describes someone who is… Unstoppable. Energized. Enduring. Relentless also can describe someone who is overbearing, harsh, dissatisfied. Each day at camp this summer, your group will explore how King David was relentless in a different way. He threw himself into life with great passion, sometimes suffering painful consequences. Despite huge successes and devastating failures, David relentlessly pursued God. He recognized God’s relentless love and mercy and responded with relentless faith, trusting God to guide and shape his life. Through faith, David became a “man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22).

Sunday: GOD RELENTLESSLY PURSUES YOU (yes you) God relentlessly pursues us. God wants a relationship with us. And we can relentlessly pursue God. We can have a relationship with him. Through the life of David, we will see an example of a man who pursued God and was called “A man after God’s own Heart.”

Monday: GOD CHOOSES YOU (period) As we see David chosen by God to lead his country, we will see that God chose us for his work. Work on a mission trip and the “work” he gives us at home. God has chosen each of you.

Tuesday: GOD IS WITH YOU (always) No matter what we’re going through, God is with us. It’s not always easy to see or know but God is right there with us. As we explore the story of David and Goliath, we will discover that the most important difference between David (the shepherd boy) and Goliath, (the giant warrior) was that God was with David.

Wednesday: GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE RELATIONSHIPS (they’re a big deal!) Relationships are a big deal for all of us. And yet sometimes, they are very difficult. A great example of real friendship was between David and Jonathan. They both had reasons to hate each other… to actually kill each other. But they ended up being the most loyal and committed friends.

Thursday: GOD FORGIVES YOU (all of it) No matter what we’ve done or thought, God forgives us. It’s sometimes hard to believe or understand but it’s always true. David’s example will be our guide as we learn that truth for ourselves. God forgives… all of it.

Friday: GOD WANTS US TO PURSUE HIM (every day) What happens at your mission trip doesn’t have to end or stay in that community. It can be the beginning or the next step in your relentless pursuit of God. Our last day will help us realize that God wants us to pursue him every day of our lives.