Home Away From Home

A Workcamp can hold up to 400 participants and we house them all typically at a middle or high school. Our staff transforms the facility into a home away from home–there will be a separate boy’s hall and girl’s hall, a cafeteria for meals, adequate bathrooms and showers, and a gym or auditorium for programs. Participants typically bring air mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags or other bedding to sleep on floors. Youth groups are assigned to sleeping rooms together, gender separate. Sleeping rooms may be shared with other youth groups, depending on the size of groups and the size of the room.

It's Not a 5-Star Hotel

Air-conditioning: Each location is different, but typically there is NOT AC. We serve where we're needed and some schools just can’t afford air-conditioning. Even if your lodging facility does have AC, it's still a good idea to bring fans as a back up. They are nice for white noise in a crowded sleeping area!
Showers: Showers will be available. They may be locker room style or even constructed outside of the lodging facility but always separated by gender. Please bring swimsuits if you are concerned about modesty. For safety, we do have separate shower times for those that are 17 and younger from those that are 18 and older. 
Internet: It is rare that our lodging facilities have internet access, but most nearby coffee shops and popular restaurants have free wifi.

Remember that you are coming to the community as servants and to demonstrate Jesus’ love! Be ready to forgo luxuries like private, hot showers and air-conditioning for the short time of camp.

Your Lodging Facility

Your Trip Leader has access to your specific lodging facility and details. Participants will be staying at a high school, be sure to bring your air mattresses and bedding. The sleeping rooms should have air-conditioning but feel free to bring fans for white noise and air movement. There are indoor private showers! 6 showers for males and for females.