• Learn about domestic and sexual violence at a local crisis center. Meeting survivors, provide child care, assist with yard work, and organize donations.
  • Help out at the Senior Living Center by visiting and playing games with residents along with gardening, yard work and painting.
  • Assist with a summer VBS--serve and eat with the children and lead them in Bible stories, games, activities, and music.
  • Deliver meals to community children at three different locations while engaging children with games, stories or music.
  • Help at a Children’s Retreat: landscaping, clearing wooded areas, raking leaves, mowing lawns, clearing and mulching trails.
  • Do minor fix-up repairs to homes belonging to elderly or disabled individuals, and spend time visiting and befriending the residents.
  • Build new structures in and help maintain a beautiful garden, there will also be arts and craft projects, weeding and planting, and the best part- getting to push a visiting resident around in their wheelchair.

Our Partner

We have a Local Coordinator there that maintains connections throughout the year with the organizations that we serve so that our service and relationships are sustainable. You may meet them during your week as they pop in and out. 

Project Crews

Participants are split up on six-person project crews for the work portion each day. In most cases, this is one adult and five youth, each person from a different church. In our experience, when groups allow us to mix participants up to make crews, individuals develop social and leadership skills, make new friends, and develop a closer bond with the people they are serving and their own youth group. If you have questions about this process or have specific requests, please give us a call. If needed, we can keep your group together, but still on crews of 6 people. (Due to age, participants at our preteen camps are kept together as a group, but still on crews of 6 people.)