“Relentless” describes someone who is... Unstoppable. Energized. Enduring. Never giving up. Always “on.” Relentless also can describe someone who is overbearing, punishing, harsh, pressuring, dissatisfied.

King David’s relentless faith transformed his life. Israel’s King David was relentless in a different way. He threw himself into life with great passion, sometimes suffering painful consequences. Despite huge successes and devastating failures, David relentlessly pursued God. He recognized God’s relentless love and mercy and responded with relentless faith, trusting God to guide and shape his life. Through faith, David became a “man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22).

This world places relentless demands on you to be better, do more, get stronger, increase your GPA, surround yourself with more and better friends, create more beauty, be more exciting. These relentless demands can leave you feeling pressured and empty, like you’re not enough.

God’s relentless love for you is unshakable. Like water flowing downhill to the lowest places, God is always for you, pursuing you fondly, covering you with mercy and grace. He is relentless in the best of ways. Nothing slows Him—not your choices or experiences. God never gives up, never stops loving, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. God’s love counteracts the world’s nonstop pressure and gives you the resources you need to change and grow...starting where you are right now.

Join us for the Relentless 2019 summer mission experience. Together we’ll discover God’s relentless love that draws us to live with relentless faith!

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