MERGE CONFERENCE is a Monday through Friday gathering of 500-1,000 teenagers with a unique blend of student leadership training for youth, separate training for adult leaders, powerful worship and service opportunities that involve home repair and community service.

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4 days of service

You'll experience the transformation that comes through meaningful projects as you serve alongside local partners. Your service at Merge Conference will meet the needs of all age groups—wherever those needs exist, impacting the community far after you leave.

Projects might include:

  • Lead a day camp for kids
  • Tutor struggling children from low-income families
  • Help in a local food kitchen
  • Help with residents in assisted living
  • General yard work
  • Volunteer with local non-profits
  • General home repairs
  • Volunteer at a community center
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Student Leadership Training

Students will be challenged to be passionate servant leaders in their schools, church, and world.

  • Students will receive a leadership certificate after 6 hours of training.
  • Students will also receive a community service certificate after 25 hours of service.

Partnering with Kenny & Elle Campbell, co-founders of Grow Curriculum, for student training.

Adult Leader Training

Leaders will learn key strategies to strengthen their youth ministry including topics like:

  • What Makes for an Awesome Leader?
  • What's Happening In Youth Ministries Today?
  • How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) in Youth Ministry
  • What Volunteers/Staff Need Most

Partnering with Ministry Architects for leader training.

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Powerful worship & teaching

Every year, the Group Mission Trips team dedicates extensive time and energy to create a new Jesus-centered program intentionally designed so that you don't just look to a stage, but look to Jesus. This program theme is led by guest speakers and woven into morning and evening programs.

The church host location is a place for participants to gather every morning for worship and training and to return to for a powerful and high-energy night of music, celebration, and teaching after our day of service. As you engage in high-energy worship and teachings, students and leaders alike will be inspired and encouraged to build the kingdom of God in your school, your community, your church, and your world.

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Cincinnati, also known as “Queen City,” is a big city with a warm, small-town Southern charm...

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Roanoke is a city with impressive buildings, a cool downtown, and rolling hills everywhere you look...

Roanoke, Virginia

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Located an hour from downtown Chicago, St. Charles sits on what was a Native American community...

St. Charles, Illinois

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