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We understand it's hard to budget. Use this tool to estimate costs PER PERSON for your mission trip.

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Transportation Per Person:

Enter the number of vehicles needed to transport your group. Don't forget to also include the cost of gas.
Enter the cost of your rented vehicle(s) here. Don't forget to include gas in this total. If you're renting a charter bus, enter the cost (bus companies do not usually charge extra for gas).
Estimate the total cost of fuel for your entire group
Divide by the number of people in your group
Total cost of fuel per person

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Travel Expenses Per Person:

Based on your travel distance you may need to reserve hotel room(s) both to and from camp. Determine the number of nights then enter the cost per person for hotel expenses. Save money by staying at a church to and from your mission trip location.
Determine the number of meals you will stop for on your way to and from camp. Then estimate the total price for meals per person.

Other Expenses Per Person:

This is for free day activity, amusement park or white water rafting on the way home, etc.
Include the "just in case" expenses- car repairs, etc.
This is the fun money! Camp store items, youth group t-shirts, souvenirs, etc.

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