COVID-19 Plan

Camp season is still many months away and so many things surrounding COVID-19 are changing around the country daily. However, we’re still hard at work preparing for a variety of scenarios for next summer. We have prepared a detailed list of many of the possibilities we could use to add precautions to sleeping arrangements, worksites, large-group gatherings, food prep, and more.

Precautions we will be taking for the 2021 season

The following are decisions (or guidelines) we will be implementing during the 2021 season.

  • Youth Groups will be kept together at camp: work crews, meal times, program times, etc. Your group will stay together throughout the entire camp experience.
  • No indoor home repair projects: at both Workcamp and Week of Hope.
  • Daily Health Screenings: each youth group will receive a daily health screening including a temperature check.

The following are other precautions we are considering for the 2021 season.


  • The best thing you can do to keep camp safe is make sure your group arrives healthy.
  • We will ensure that the camp environment has been cleaned and disinfected and ready for you.


  • We are recruiting extra facility volunteers to assist with increased sanitization and cleaning tasks
  • Planning to expand mealtimes and creating shifts for separate groups to provide better social distancing practices during mealtimes.
  • Analyzing our food preparation procedures at Week of Hope and make necessary changes to ensure food safety since youth groups usually help prepare meals for each other.

Free time

  • Taking each person’s temperature daily at each mission trip location.
  • Requiring everyone to wear masks at worksites, in all public places, and at the lodging facility during gatherings and interactions.

Sleeping arrangements

  • We are speaking with location partners about the possibility of expanding the number of sleeping rooms to provide for social distancing in sleeping areas.
  • Keeping Youth Group together in one room. Obviously, boys and girls will still be in separate rooms 😊

Large group gatherings

  • Creating multiple evening program times in shifts and conducting program outside (weather permitting) for separate groups to provide better social distancing practices during program times.
  • Potentially eliminating the option for residents to attend our Friday evening programs at Workcamps to decrease exposure of anyone who may be at higher risk including our elderly residents.

Work sites

  • Keeping youth groups together (including on crews) to help keep people safe. We understand mixing groups is a large part of the relational experience at camp and if this is the safest option, we plan for this to be a temporary change for this year only.
  • Limiting the amount of interaction with people at all project sites, including devotions, to decrease exposure of anyone who may be at higher risk including our elderly residents.

Our plan is to make summer 2021 as fun, safe, and as normal as possible. We are in contact with our partners in each community and working to make sure we provide the safest environment and follow all local guidelines when it comes time for camp next summer. Until we are much closer to the summer of 2021, we will not be able to finalize our plans, but we hope this gives you some idea of how we are preparing. As the situation changes, we may add or remove any of the listed precautions, and we will notify you of any of these updates before your mission trip begins.