COVID Updates


We are currently not announcing any official policies or procedures as things continue to change daily. Still, as we prepare for 2022, we’re working hard to make next summer as fun, safe, and as normal as possible. The safety of the students, adults, staff, and residents of the communities we serve is critical. We are in contact with our partners in each community to ensure we provide the safest environment and follow all local guidelines when it comes time for camp next summer. Here are precautions we implemented in 2021 that you can reference regarding safety, arrival, mealtimes, sleeping arrangements, large-group gatherings, worksites, and more that will help us safely conduct our mission trips.

General Safety

  • Conducting arrival day and daily health screening of each person to include taking each person’s temperature, and completing the symptoms checklist, and maintaining those records within your youth group.
  • If any participant exhibits symptoms determined to be potentially identified with COVID-19, they may be dismissed along with their crew, or sleeping room, or cohort group, or youth group.*
  • Following local guidelines, everyone may be required to wear masks when in all public or shared places. For example, at work sites, at the lodging facility, in enclosed areas, during gatherings, and interactions with other groups.
  • Encourage each other to maintain social distancing, wash hands frequently, and remain respectful of other’s needs to be safe in their individual ways.
  • Our staff is recruiting extra facility volunteers to assist with increased sanitization and cleaning tasks.
  • *No refunds will be provided in this case.


  • Youth leaders are responsible to arrive with healthy participants. As such we highly recommend and strongly request documented proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arriving, OR proof of vaccination, OR have a completed a health screening for each participant before leaving home.
  • Keeping youth groups together (including on crews) to help keep people safe. We understand mixing groups is a large part of the relational experience at camp and if this is the safest option, we plan for this to be a temporary change for this year only.
  • We will ensure that the camp environment has been cleaned and disinfected and ready for you.

Sleeping arrangements

  • We are speaking with location partners about expanding the number of sleeping rooms to provide for social distancing in sleeping areas.


  • Expanded mealtimes and shifts for separate groups and establishing consistent eating areas to provide better social distancing practices during mealtimes.
  • We are analyzing our food preparation procedures at Week of Hope and making necessary changes to ensure food safety since youth groups usually help prepare meals for each other.

Large group gatherings

  • Multiple evening program times and shifts. Potentially conducting the program outside where appropriate and weather permitting to provide better social distancing.
  • Unfortunately, residents will not attend our Friday evening programs at Workcamps to decrease exposure of anyone who may be at higher risk including our elderly residents.


  • Limiting the amount of interaction with people at all work and project sites, including during devotions, for the safety of people at higher risk, especially our elderly residents.