Life-change Stories

Jesus is changing lives every day through people just like you on Group Mission Trips.
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God Sighting in Lame Deer, Montana

I was working the check-in table on Tuesday afternoon to hear from Devotion Leaders as they returned from the sites. At the end of the line was an adult who clearly wasn't part of our camp...a woman who, by her appearance, was obviously a person who lived on the reservation...

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Best Weeks of My Life

The following life-change story comes from a Language Arts class paper submitted May 2016 by a high school freshman. We give this paper an A+!

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The Power of a Workcamp!

As a Red Shirt staff member, you hear God Sightings out of the wazoo! Some are silly and some can seriously touch your heart. This is what happened to me here in Tioga County, NY...

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Grateful for Workcamp in Herman, MN

This week I had the pleasure of traveling to the Workcamp in Herman, Minnesota to with the greatest group of people I've ever known to work on and repair people's houses...

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