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Pursuing an All-In Faith

I recently served on a Group Workcamp in Busby, MT. I haven't had the best experience on past mission trips and started out the week with a negative attitude...

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Serving in Big Lake, Alaska

We served in Big Lake, Alaska during the week of July 17-21, 2017. The crew I was working with built a recovery building for the Alaska Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center.

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Small Act of Kindness Makes A Big Difference

My God-sighting occurred throughout the entire week, but grew bigger on the last day. Each day that week, after our lunch and devotions, we would give our leftover food to some kids across the street who were playing outside.

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The Garden of Weeden

When we arrived to our first work site of the week we were immediately greeted by a man asking if we were the "garden crew." We happily all said, "Yes we are!" He then laughed, gave us a goodhearted smirk and said, "Boy, you guys are going to wish you had gotten a different job by the time you leave here today."

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