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Jesus is changing lives every day through people just like you on Group Mission Trips.
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How A Simple "Yes" Changed My Life

It was in a smelly, sweaty gymnasium during the heat of a Tennessee summer where my perspectives about my faith began to shift...

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Being Bold for God Saved A Life

I have the pleasure of sharing this story from our Week of Hope in Charleston, SC. During the first day of service this week, one of our crews was serving at a senior living facility working with residents. During a stretch of the day, the volunteers were tasked with having one-on-one visits with the residents...

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God Shows Off at the Lip Sync Battle

This week, we had a camper (let's call him Kevin) who was very shy and didn't really speak at all during the week. You could tell that he was fine off by himself and he didn't really interact with many of the campers outside of his church...

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