Our volunteers use their individual gifts to serve God together as a team. Apply for one of our volunteer positions to serve on a Workcamp, Weekend Workcamp or Week of Hope and experience a life-changing week in community with others!

“I loved seeing all the worksites. I loved serving all the kids. I loved working with the Red Shirts…The perspective of the camp from the eyes of a Red Shirt is amazing!”

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Incredible mission trips cannot happen without incredible staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the qualifications?

  • Week-long commitment
  • Minimum age of 21
  • All volunteer, nonpaid positions

Q: My youth group is attending camp, can I serve at the same camp as them?

Of course! As a volunteer, you can travel to and from camp with your youth group. If you are serving as a Site Coach or a Program Team Member, we ask you have a separate vehicle to use during the week.

Q: I’m registered as a participant, can I serve on staff?

As a staff volunteer, you receive a free registration! You are not considered a registered participant. If you are registered as a participant, just give us a call! We can take you off the list and make sure the payment is up to date. We’ll want to make sure as a volunteer you’re not included in the 1:5 adult to student ratio for your youth group.

Q: Will I be on a crew?

As a volunteer, you will not be assigned to a work crew. You’ll serve behind the scenes to help the mission trip run smoothly. Each volunteer position has the opportunity to visit work sites at least 2 days during the camp week.

Q: Will I get to spend time with my youth group during camp?

Definitely! Although we ask each of our volunteer staff members to prioritize serving on staff, you’ll have some time throughout the week to spend with your youth group. This includes meal times, the afternoon or evening time off, and travel to and from camp.

Q: Where do staff sleep?

We provide a separate male and female sleeping room for all staff. If you would like to sleep in a room with your youth group, just let us know. You may need to wake up a bit earlier than them, but are welcome to stay with your youth group.

Q: What is the application process?

We have an online application form, collect two character references, complete a brief phone interview, and run background checks.

Q: Do I need to buy a uniform? Will a uniform be provided?

Not at all. You will be provided 5 Red Staff Shirts that we ask you wear throughout the week. We ask that you bring closed toes shoes for when you visit sites and are in the kitchen. We also ask that you do not wear athletic shorts or pants.

Q: What training is there?

Most training will happen once you arrive to camp. You’ll meet with the Director and the Summer Staff who will go through hands on training for your specific role. We will provide some additional online training for you to view beforehand.

Applications for 2017 are now closed

Please check back in October for positions in 2018.