Group mission trips

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Christian mission trips for youth and adults.

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    Discover Your Next Trip

    Group Mission Trips offers four unique mission trip experiences for youth and adults. Our week-long trips are as low as $229/person, and are offered in more than 200 locations around the world.

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    Summer Job Opportunities

    During a Workcamps or Week of Hope mission trip, lives are transformed, and when you serve on staff, as a "Red Shirt," you become a part of God becoming real in people’s lives.!

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    Request an InfoPak

    If you are researching your next misison trip, your first step is to request a mission trip InfoPak. It’s FREE and packed full of everything you need to know to choose your next mission trip adventure!

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Mission trips where you encounter Jesus…

Christian mission trips are the foundation of what we do. At Group, our purpose is to  create mission trip experiences where people encounter Jesus. Currently, we provide four different mission trip opportunities serving those in need around the world.

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